Подарочный сертификат на спа-отель Diana Parc
Подарочный сертификат

Подарочный сертификат на спа-отель Diana Parc

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Подарочный сертификат Отель Diana Parc

Подарочный сертификат на спа-отель Diana Parc

Создайте иллюзию путешествия по Андорре с подарочной картой Diana Parc.

Хотите удивить кого-то особенного? Купите карту Diana Parc и обменяйте ее на незабываемый отдых в Андорре.

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1. What is the gift voucher?

If you are not sure about the dates of your holiday, but you intend to make a reservation with us benefiting from the best promotions, you can buy a gift voucher for the value you consider.

2. How can I redeem the gift voucher?

While booking, enter the code that appears on your gift voucher in the PROMOTIONAL CODE.

3. Can a reservation be made with a different name than the one on the gift voucher?

Each Gift Voucher is personal and non-transferable and can only be used for a reservation made in the same name of the person who bought it or the person to whom it was given away during the purchase.

4. How long can you use the gift voucher?

The gift voucher is valid for 2 years from the time of purchase.

5. Who and how do you receive the gift voucher?

At the end of the purchase you can send the gift card by email to its recipient. The buyer will also receive an email with the code and proof of purchase.

6. If the reservation I want to make is less than the value of my gift voucher, is the rest saved?

If the total of the reservation is less than the value of the gift voucher, the unused amount will be saved for use in another reservation within the validity period of the gift voucher, using the same code.

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